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        Vol. 77 No. 2                                                                             Mar/Apr 2020

                                   Leading Women Educators Impacting Education Worldwide

          Special 2020 Convention Edition:

           Proposed Amendments

                                                                                                 Apply for Inter-
                                                                                                 national Committee

             roposed  amendments  (PAs) to  the  to go from one page to the next in the pro-
        PConstitution and International Standing  gram without searching for PAs currently on
        Rules (ISR) are included in this special edition  the floor for consideration. All PAs published
        on pages 10-60. As in 2018, DKG members  in this issue of the DKG NEWS will also be in-
        stepped up to examine our governing docu-   cluded in the convention program.
        ments  thoughtfully and voice their opinions.   THE  RESPONSIBILITY OF  MEMBERS IN
        They  again submitted  more than  100 PAs.  THE PROCESS: Each member of the Society,     Convention “Bucket
        And again, business slated for the convention  whether  in  attendance  at the  convention   List” Considerations

        will center on discussing and voting on these  or not,  has a critical  role  in  the  process  of
        proposed changes.                           amending the governing documents.
            To facilitate the process in Philadelphia,   EVERY MEMBER is responsible for read-
        the 2020 PAs are organized in groups based  ing the proposals and determining how each
        on  topic/issue addressed. Furthermore, the  impacts her chapter, her state organization,
        groups  are  published  here in  the  order  in  and work on the international level. Consider:
        which they will be brought to the convention  Does the proposed amendment support the    2020 Proposed

        floor  for discussion  and  vote.  They  are  not  Society’s Mission and Vision? How will this   Amendment Stories
        grouped or listed by their chronological order  element of the governing documents “look”
        within the governing documents. Both Consti-  if amended? Does the reasoning for this al-
        tution and related ISR PAs are included in the  teration make practical/fiscal sense? Will this
        groupings. This slight change in presentation  proposed change simplify the business of the
        will  facilitate  the  process  of  locating  PAs  Society? What are the pros and cons of each
        for 2020 convention attendees. Unless a PA  PA in terms of contributing to the evolution of
        is taken out for separate consideration, the  DKG moving forward?
        groups will remain intact, allowing members                               See PAS p. 3   2020 Proposed

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