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        Vol. 77 No. 3                                                                           May/June 2020

                                   Leading Women Educators Impacting Education Worldwide
         Dolly Parton is Newest

         International Honorary Member

           n recognition of her notable service to education, Dolly Parton is the newest international honorary member of DKG.
        IBesides being an award-winning American singer, actress, and Country Music Hall of Fame inductee, in 1995 Parton
        launched the Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library (DPIL), which had gifted more than 133 million free books to children
        worldwide as of February 2020.  The program was first launched in her childhood home of Sevier County, Tennessee, and

        quickly became a success; national replication began in 2000, and more than one million books were distributed by 2003.
                                                          High-quality, age-appropriate books are mailed free of charge
                                                    to all children participating, no matter their family’s income, from birth
                                                    until they begin school.  Community partners also put their passion to
                                                    work every day to make this program successful. Parton and the DPIL
                                                    have received numerous awards and honors for their commitment to
                                                    enhancement of children’s lives internationally.
                                                          DPIL has embraced the COVID situation by creating “Goodnight
                                                    with Dolly — Imagination Library Bedtime Stories with Dolly Parton,”

                                                    where Parton reads a series of Imagination Library books specifically
                                                    chosen for this unique moment in time.  Once a week for 10 weeks,
                                                    Parton reads a book at 7:00 PM EST and delivers a message to keep
                                                    hope alive and pass on the love.  The series began on April 2, and all
                                                    dates and books can be found by visiting https://imaginationlibrary.
                                                    com/goodnight-with-dolly/ .

                               Philadelphia: ON or OFF?

        8                             As this issue of the DKG NEWS goes to press,                           11

                                      decisions about the DKG 2020 Convention in
                                              Philadelphia are still pending.
         Look for a green indicator next to articles                           ...and for a red indicator indicating

         that reflect plans if the convention is ON…                                plans if the convention is OFF.
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