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May/Jun 2020 | Vol. 77 No. 3
                             Artwork Commissioned for


             wo paintings — one with a DKG       Liz Hess blends  travel  with  art
        Temphasis and the other with a  through  the  paintings  she creates.
        Philadelphia theme — will be unveiled  Once  a  year she  travels  abroad  to
        during General Session III at the 2020  spend several weeks painting on lo-
        DKG Convention. Liz Hess, a full-time  cation and to capture on canvas the
        artist from Lancaster, Pennsylvania,  sights she sees. While many artists
        was commissioned to create two orig- pursue other routes to keep inspira-

        inal paintings for the convention. Each  tion fresh, Hess has found that travel
        of the framed 16” X 20” works of art  is the catalyst that stretches her ar-
        will be available for purchase through  tistic horizons. One of her most pop-
        a silent auction held during the Mar- ular  collections  is  the  Red Umbrella
        ketplace.  Proceeds  from  the  auction  series  that  was  first  created  during
        will go to the newly established DKG  one of her annual sojourns. Following
        International  Educators  Foundation.  a solitary figure with a red umbrella,

        Hess will also make these images  Hess takes the viewer on a journey to      Examples of Liz Hess’ collections
        available  on notecards,  prints,  and  many of the locales she has visited.  can be found at Be
        other branded materials that she will  The  collection  grows  more  as she  prepared to bid on one or both of her
        sell and personally autograph during  travels more.                       newest  paintings  when  you  attend
        the Marketplace on Thursday and Fri-                                      the 2020 DKG Convention, July 7-11,
        day of the convention.                                                    in Philadelphia.

                             Bring a Book! Inspire a Child!

              KG members have the opportunity to contribute to a child’s home-reading resources when they pack a children’s
        Dbook and come to Philadelphia, July 7-11! Each summer for the last 100 years, the Philadelphia Free Library (PFL)
                                                    has sponsored the Summer Wonder Program for children throughout
                                                    the Greater Philadelphia area. This program is a self-directed reading
                                                    initiative that involves children from birth to high school, their parents,
                                                    and grandparents. Families are encouraged to have a daily “reading
                                                    time,” and the children track their efforts. The PFL offers incentives to

                                                    encourage the children with their summer reading, such as free books
                                                    that go home and are kept by the participants. Books donated by DKG
                                                    members will be part of those donated to children participating in the
                                                    program this summer.
            When selecting which book(s) you might bring, consider those that address content areas, celebrate diversity, and
        inspire a child to want to read more. Leave your book(s) at the table designated for this collection in the convention
        registration area (fifth floor). PFL will retrieve these books and distribute them. Gift at least one book to a local child
        as you “pay it forward” during your convention trip.

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