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May/Jun 2020 | Vol. 77 No. 3

        What’s a Board to Do?

                               By Cathy P. Daugherty, RP

                               2018-2020 International President

                                   tate organization presidents,  ations between the various vendors and DKG personnel
                              Sas members of the Executive  that  could  eliminate  or  reduce  those  numbers,  but  the
                               Board,  elect  the  officers  of  the  results of those negotiations are a huge unknown at pres-
                               Society  who  serve  as  members  ent. We are in a holding pattern that must be addressed
        of the DKG Administrative Board (AB). Hopefully, all DKG  at this AB meeting.
        members realize the gravity of the election process and    The silver lining in this meeting is the second major

        the trust given to those elected AB members. In turn, AB  agenda item: next steps DKG takes following a very suc-
        members have an obligation to represent members, not  cessful effort to market the Austin property. The Society
        themselves, in the decisions made by the Board. That em- received multiple offers, with three companies being for-
        phasis has been visually manifested during the 2018-2020  mally interviewed. Our plan is to solicit a best and final
        biennium with an empty chair representing all members in  offer before the AB considers and takes action at the May
        the Board Room during AB meetings.                     meeting. While a move from the property likely would not

            At the AB’s May 2020 meeting, there will be no empty  take place for more than a year, if the offer is accepted,
        chair. Instead, the AB will receive a verbal reminder of their  implications for our future relocation will be part of the
        obligations toward the membership. The Board will hold  total discussion.
        its first virtual meeting via ZOOM and GoToMeeting over    Third, and tied inextricably to the agenda items men-
        the 3-day period that would normally have been a face-to- tioned above, is the review of the 2020-2022 Available
        face meeting. It will be different. It will be challenging. It  Fund budget. The AB members will look closely at each
        will be historic. Perhaps it is also time to shift members’  line item as presented by the Finance Committee chair,
        view of the business of DKG from post-meeting “actions  who will attend this portion of the meeting. They will ask
        taken  by  the  AB”  to  pre-meeting  “topics  discussed  by  questions and make recommendations as warranted. In

        the AB.” Rarely, if ever, do I recall agenda items of an AB  turn, the Finance Committee will review these concerns
        meeting being shared with the membership ahead of the  before submitting the proposed budget to the Executive
        meeting.  With  attention  focused  by  members  on this  Board for its review and ultimate vote (see related article,
        meeting (because they know the status of the DKG 2020  page 12).
        Convention in Philadelphia will be discussed), it’s time to   Beyond these major agenda items are additional re-
        be more transparent about the other topics your AB will  ports that will, for the most part, require actions by the
        address.                                               AB: GAPP document updates, the Strategic Plan audit,

            The decisions made on three agenda items will affect  and the International Issues Task Force findings, among
        the Society into the next biennium and beyond. First, the  others. And surely to be discussed will be the effects of
        AB will decide whether or not to cancel the 2020 conven- COVID-19 on DKG.
        tion and address contingency plans should the conven-      So, what’s a Board to do? Make decisions, as always,
        tion be canceled. They will review the issues surrounding  in the best interests of the Society membership, fulfilling
        the health and safety of members, along with the fiscal  the trust given to those members elected to serve on your
        impact of canceling a convention with up to $1 million  Board. Even a pandemic doesn’t alter that.
        (U.S.) tied up in contracts. Granted, there will be negoti-

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