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May/Jun 2020 | Vol. 77 No. 3

                              2018-2020 ADMINISTRATIVE BOARD

        International President                Regional Directors                    Members-at-large
        Cathy P. Daugherty, RP, Virginia          Europe                                 2016-2020

        First Vice President                      Ingibjörg Jónasdóttir, Iceland         June M. Bowers, Nebraska
        Becky Sadowski, Tennessee                 Northeast                              2018-2022

        Second Vice President                     Jane D. Tanner, New York               Connie Rensink, Texas
        Dr. Lace Marie Brogden, Saskatchewan      Northwest                          Area Representatives
        Executive Director                        Dr. Donna Niday, Iowa                  Canada
        Nita R. Scott, CAE, Texas                 Southeast                              Betty Rose, Alberta
        Parliamentarian                           Elaine D. Warwick, Tennessee           Latin America
        Dr. Helen Popovich, PRP, Florida          Southwest                              Aurora Vignau, Nuevo León

        Immediate Past President                  Marilyn Gregory, Texas
        Carolyn H. Pittman, Arkansas

                                      NEWS Editor | Judith R. Merz, Ed.D.
                        Assistant Editor and Graphic Designer | Taylor Osborn

            2020 Proposed Amendments: Correction

                lease correct your copy of proposed amendment # 22, found on page 21 of the Mar/Apr 2020 issue of
           Pthe DKG NEWS (Vol 77, No. 2). If adopted, the proposed amendment (PA) would read: “Article XII | Awards,
           Section B. Awards Granted Members 5. Scholarship Awards a.The Society offers up to thirty (30) annual inter-
           national scholarships for graduate study: …”

               •  The number “twenty-nine (29)” was not changed to “thirty (30)” as was submitted. The remainder of the
           item is correct as originally published.
               •  The printed convention program will contain the corrected PA.
               •  The website document for 2020 PAs has been updated.

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