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May/Jun 2020 | Vol. 77 No. 3

                                                    DKGSC and DKGEF Merger

                                                         he  DKG International  Educators Foundation  is  the  result  of
                                                    Tmerging the DKG Supporting Corporation (DKGSC) and the Delta
                                                    Kappa Gamma Educational Foundation (DKGEF). The new foundation
                                                    simplifies contributing to Society funds. Contributors may designate
                                                    distribution of their donation among the funds within the foundation,*
                                                    or they may opt to designate their donation go to favorite funds. The
                                                    DKGSC and DKGEF boards approved the merger, initial bylaws, and
        Carolyn Pittman (L) and Kay Clawson (R)     the mission. The Society Administrative Board approved the merger
        sign merger documents.
                                                    in November.
                                                        The DKGSC merged into the DKGEF, the DKGSC then dissolved, and
                                                    the new foundation embodying the combined mission and purposes
                                                    of each was created with a new name. The result is that contributors
                                                    to ONE foundation — DKG International Educators Foundation — will
                                                    fulfill the responsibilities previously accomplished by giving to TWO
                                                    entities (DKGSC and DKGEF). The tax-exempt status for U.S. contri-
                                                    butors is retained.

                                                        The initial fundraising campaign of the DKG International Educa-
                                                    tors Foundation is “Founding Luminaries”. An individual contributing
                                                    $1,000 by June 1, 2020, will be recognized as a Founding Luminary.
                                                    Of course, anyone can contribute any amount at any time to advance
        International                               the mission of the foundation.
                                                        Contributions may continue while the Society Finance Director
        President                                   communicates  with  the  Internal  Revenue  Service  to  complete  the

        Launches Blog                               required  accounting  process.  Contributions  may  also  be  made  by
                                                    selecting the appropriate option at Checks for funds in

                hat’s  happening? Communication  the former Supporting Corporation may be made payable to specific
        Wis a consistent challenge in DKG —         funds or DKGSC, and checks for the “Founding Luminary” fundraiser
        and timely communication during uncertain  may be made payable to DKG Ed Foundation, with “Founding Lumi-
        times  is even more important.  Responding  nary” on the memo line.
        to members’ particular need for information     The mission of the new foundation mirrors those of the previous
        during the COVID-19 pandemic, International  entities: "The DKG International Educators Foundation supports ef-

        President  Cathy  Daugherty  has  launched  a  fective educational projects, the educational and charitable activities
        weekly blog to “share personal thoughts on  of the Society, and the professional growth of educators worldwide."
        what  the  international  level  encompasses,
        especially  during  the  COVID-19  pandemic.”   *Funds within the DKG International Educators Foundation are Cornetet Indi-
        International  President  Updates can  be ac-  vidual Professional Development (CIPD), Cornetet Seminar for Professional Develop-
        cessed via an icon at the top right corner of  ment (CSPD), Projects, Emergency Fund, Educators Award Fund, Eunah Temple Holden
        the DKG website home page or by going to  Fund, Golden Gift Fund, International Speakers Fund, Scholarship Fund, and World          Fellowship Fund.

                                     See BLOG p. 5

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