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May/Jun 2020 | Vol. 77 No. 3

                              From the Desk of the Director

                                   hese are indeed challenging times.The
                              Tthought of not being allowed to gather
                              for a meeting or enjoy social time together
                              would  never have crossed our minds  a few
                              months ago. And now, restrictions and bans
        Nita R. Scott, CAE
        Executive Director    are the norm in most parts of the world.
            So, how can we develop and maintain rich personal connections
        without a physical presence? How can we be social and still maintain the
        distance? Remember, communication can take place, and “face-to-face”

        can still be a reality even while sheltering in place. Here are a few ideas
        about how to keep members engaged and connected during this time:
           •  Consider an online chapter meeting using free or basic versions
             of  Zoom,  Skype,  Google  Hangouts,  or  another  online  meeting
             tool. As long as members can see, hear, and speak to each other,
             you can even conduct business.
           •  Set up an email chain so members can all check in and share

           •  Use group texting with apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Mes-
             senger, Google Hangouts, WeChat, and others.
           •  Create a Facebook group to stay connected and share experiences.
           •  Use Google Duo or FaceTime to video chat with each other.
            Speaking of communication, have you seen International Presi-
        dent Cathy Daugherty’s video message to members? If not, visit www. to hear her thoughts. If you have already seen the message,
        please share it with your chapter! Although convention has not and

        cannot be canceled at this time due to contractual obligations that
        can only be waived at the appropriate time, your health and well-be-
        ing are still paramount. After a decision is made to continue with or
        cancel convention, your registration and reservations will either be

        honored or fully refunded. So please don’t let convention fees be your  Photos provided from a chapter meeting via
        worry right now – just stay safe, remain healthy and keep connected!  Zoom held in Colorado State Organization.

        cont. from BLOG p. 4     The beauty of a blog is that it maintains a history of posts and allows members to com-
        ment in response to the posting. Furthermore, readers can subscribe and receive email notices when a new posting is
        made. Look for the “subscribe” button at the top right of the blog page, right next to the “search” feature.
            The first two entries — on April 14 and April 20 — provide thoughts on “The View from Above.” They discuss not only
        the literal view from Cathy’s 9th floor apartment overlooking Austin and the Headquarters building but also her broader
        view of the Society from her position as international president. The latter view includes observation of how “members at
        all levels are embracing technology to connect with one another on both personal and professional levels.”
            Be in the know. Find out “what’s happening” by subscribing to this new tool in the DKG communication arsenal!

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