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May/Jun 2020 | Vol. 77 No. 3

        DKG Gallery of Fine Arts                                          Dues Collection

        Therapy for Doers and Viewers                                     Update

              re you in need of an uplifting refuge or an artistic destination?   ues collection for the 2020-2021  bi-
        AA place to calm and resuscitate yourself, turn your thoughts in- Dennium  may  be  difficult  with  many
        ward as well as outward, and let your imagination take over? Viewing  face-to-face chapter meetings not being held
        the arts allows us to escape our everyday problems and thus can be  this spring. Chapters might consider several
        therapeutic and inspirational.                                    options so that treasurers can process dues
            We know that doing art is also therapeutic. So, we invite you to  via the portal that opened on April 21.
        participate in the doing! Find a category that you can attempt, and   •  Ask members to mail their checks to the
        join other artists who have taken the leap and submitted their works   chapter treasurer. In most localities, the

        that all members now enjoy.                                           postal  systems are up  and running  and
            The categories are numerous: music, visual arts, video, and writ-  accessible to all.
        ing. Look at for the many sub-topics, rubrics, guide-  •  Implement  electronic  payment  systems
        lines, and submission process.                                        for members to submit dues to the chap-
            Life can be too busy, but we can stop and stare as Lennor Stieda   ter. If  such  systems  are not  already in
        did when she created “A Walk in October”:                             place,  check  out  the  article,  “Creatively
                            Outside the clouds moved                          Collecting Dues,” on page 7. It suggests

                              By the winds shifting                           several options.
                             Gently the grey to white                       •  In some situations where neither of the
                             Then our sky to horizon                          above options will  work, members  may
                                 Becomes blue---                              elect to pay dues later. Each chapter trea-
            Join  the jury and other artists  at the Convention  Workshop in   surer best knows  the  circumstances  of
        Philadelphia!                                                         her members and should work with them
            Next Submission Period: August 15-September 15, 2020.             on a case-by-case basis.
                                                                              The health and well-being of all members
                                                                          is far more important than meeting a dead-

                                                                          line. Although the Constitution notes June 30
                                                                          as the deadline for members to submit dues
                                                                          payments to chapter treasurers (Article IV. C.
                                                                          1.), it also notes that “The international por-
                                                                          tion of the dues shall be sent between July
                                                                          1  and  September  30”  (Article  IV.C.4.).  Con-

                                                                          sideration of members to be dropped for not
                                                                          paying dues will not occur until after Septem-
                                                                          ber 30, 2020, in light of COVID-19 issues. At
                                                                          this point and in these times of a pandemic,
                                                                          flexibility is paramount.
        There is a Quiet Place © Pastel   To the River © Oil by Suzanne
        by Linda Tracy, CT; featured     Irwin, NC; featured in the 2020
        in the 2020 Spring Fine Arts     Spring Fine Arts Gallery.

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