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May/Jun 2020 | Vol. 77 No. 3

        Designing DKG                                                                   DEADLINES

        Dear DKG Members,                                                     May 1

            The outbreak of COVID-19 in our world has forced the DKG com-     Applications to international
        munity to rethink how to connect with one another. We asked mem-      committees, boards, and juries
        bers if they were meeting virtually during this time. It was delightful to   May 1
        hear about the variety of ways they are keeping in touch.             DKGEF Cornetet CIPD application
            The majority of the respondents shared that Zoom is great for     May 15
        meeting in larger numbers and is easy to access. Several chapters     Bulletin: Journal submissions
        and  committees have used  this  platform.  Other  options  that  were   May 15
        suggested include  Free Conference,  WhatsApp mes-        Report of Chapter Officers

        saging,  Group  Facetime  (Apple  devices),  House Party,  and  Google
        Hangouts. Each of these is free at this time. Some chapters are also   June 8
                                                                              Late registration begins for convention
        sending newsletters or email chains, using reply-all, to share pictures
        and check in with each other.                                         June 15
            Please select the platform that works best for you and your mem-  State Organization Editor’s Mailing
                                                                              List Order form
        bers. The most important thing is to stay connected, always showing
        support and care for one another.                                     June 30
                                           Forward Moving Ever,               Members to submit dues to chapter
                                         Your Members-at-Large
                                                                              August 1
                                                                              Bulletin: Collegial Exchange
        Creatively Collecting Dues                                            submissions

             or teachers, being creative in solving problems is second nature,          HQ CLOSED
        Fand each of us can boast of our creativity in some way or another.
        But our creativity has been challenged by COVID-19 in ways we never          FOR COVID-19.
        could have imagined — including how to collect dues while maintain-    WATCH THE WEBSITE

        ing social distancing. When physically paying dues is difficult if not       FOR UPDATES.
        impossible, chapter treasurers are using electronic payment systems
        with their members to collect dues.
            Some  examples  of  these  electronic  payment  systems  or  apps  are  Zelle  (,  Venmo
        (, and Paypal ( Using any of these is simple, requiring
        only a device with internet and the payment app. Many are free and safe to use for both the sender and receiver.
        Monies are sent using your bank account or credit card and can be accepted and transferred directly into the chapter’s

        account within days. The websites noted above and the downloaded apps themselves provide instructions to walk
        you through the set-up of your account. For treasurers, members’ use of such apps means no more writing up deposit
        slips, tallying check totals, and making multiple trips to the bank to deposit the money.
            Download the apps and try them out today for your-
        self and your chapter as DKG members creatively collect
        dues for 2020-2021 and beyond.

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