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May/Jun 2020 | Vol. 77 No. 3
                             Collaborative Forum Event:

                             Embracing Diversity

             he Embracing Diversity Forum is the second collaborative en-  FORUMS SET TO MEET
        Tdeavor of the Canada, Europe, Latin America, and United States       Each  of  the  Society’s  four  Forums  will
        Forums of DKG. This one-hour presentation following General Meet- hold its annual meeting on Saturday, July 11,
        ing II on Wednesday, July 8, will highlight how DKG can better em- from 2:00-4:00 the DKG 2020 Conven-
        brace Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) as an international Society.  tion. Locations for these meetings will be in-
        Chairs of the four DKG forums will host the event. They will share  cluded in the convention program along with
        perspectives on the topic from their Forum members and field ques- the agenda submitted by each chair.
        tions for the two presenters as time permits.                         Every member of DKG is a member of a

                                  The  first  speaker,  Greg L. DeShields,  forum based on her state organization mem-
                               CHO, CHE, serves as Executive Director for  bership:  Canada, Europe,  Latin  America,  or
                               PHLDiversity, a division of the PHL Conven- the  United  States.  Topics  covered  in  these
                               tion Bureau. He will provide a basic under- meetings will include those of specific inter-
                               standing  of the  issues  surrounding  DEI  by  est to the members of that particular forum.
                               examining cultural changes that are driving  Several  forums  will  conduct  business,  hear
                               this global trend. Not only will DeShields out- reports  from  state  organizations  represent-

        line the case for addressing these issues, but he will also explain how  ed in that group, and hold elections for their
        diversity goes beyond race, gender, age, and other observable dif- 2020-2022 forum leaders. Other forum gath-
        ferences. Identifying one’s unconscious and implicit biases will also  erings  will  include  special  recognitions  and
        factor into his remarks, along with how an organization can measure  keynote speakers.
        the potential return on investment of DEI.                            Forums  reflect  the  uniqueness  of  the
                                  DKG Executive Director,  Nita  R.  Scott,  areas of the Society that they represent. The
                               CAE, will follow by addressing ways DKG, as  programs at these meetings will vary, as will
                               an organization and as a membership, could  the many languages you will hear from one
                               benefit by an improved understanding of DEI  Forum to the next.

                               and a deeper infusion of DEI awareness into
                               the  culture,  processes,  and  systems  within
                               the Society.

        cont. from PANEL p. 8
        self-determination across the lifespan for people with disabilities. Burke was formerly an elementary special edu-
        cation teacher in Philadelphia. She will be joined on the panel by Dr. Lynsey Madison, curriculum coordinator and

        assistant professor at the Community College of Philadelphia. Madison also chairs the Education Committee with
        Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau Diversity, which promotes the city as “an inclusive destination for diverse
        events, conventions, and visitors.”
            Additional panel members from other educational institutions will round out the group to share thoughts on the
        future of education during the convention’s General Session IV on Friday, July 10. Recent global events will also
        certainly factor into the discussions provided by these panelists.

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