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        Vol. 78 No. 5                                                                       Sept/Oct 2021

                                  Leading Women Educators Impacting Education Worldwide

                                                                                              Conference Wrap-up

         Hoag Honored with

         2021 International                                                                   2022 International

         Achievement Award                                                                    Convention Invitation

              istinguished  leadership  at  all  three  mittees to plan the 50th and 75th anniver-
        Dlevels of Delta Kappa Gamma is the  saries of the state organization.
        hallmark of the 2021 International Achieve-    A graduate of the Golden Gift Leadership
        ment Award recipient, Dr. Constance Hoag.  Management Seminar, Hoag received an in-
        Becky  Sadowski, 2020-2022 International  ternational scholarship. She has served on   2021 Leadership
        President, presented the Society’s highest  or chaired seven different international com-  Training
        award  to  Hoag (widely  known  as Connie) mittees, some more than once, and currently

        via Zoom at the San Antonio International  serves on the scholarship committee and an
        Conference.                                ad hoc committee authorized by the 2020-
            A member of Mu Chapter in Iowa State  2022 Administrative Board. The Delta Kappa
        Organization,  Hoag served  as state  orga- Gamma Education Foundation also benefit-
        nization  president  and was honored with  ted from her leadership when she served as
        the state organization-level achievement  vice chair of the foundation board.         Call for Proposed
        award. She also served on two ad hoc com-      Hoag’s love of the    See HOAG. p. 3   Amendments

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